A Path Towards Smart Projects/ Smart Region

Join the 3SI Follow-Up Seminar: A Path Towards Smart Projects/Smart Region on 27.10.2020 at 15:00 (EET)

The Three Seas Interconnection Priority Projects list has been increased by 28 projects this year and according to the Status Report 2020, the value of all projects has reached 85.49 billion Euros. But still, only 17% of the projects are of digital sector. Moreover, every infrastructure project nowadays has a digital infrastructure component that needs to be recognized. To introduce the report and boost the development of smart projects, the host for the Virtual Three Seas Summit is organizing a virtual event to dive deeper into the world of the Three Seas’ projects with special emphasis on the digital approach and digital projects.

Come join us virtually on the 27th of October at 15:00 (EET) and hear more about the projects of the Three Seas’ region!

The host of the seminar is Ms Sandra Särav joined by Mr Tiit Riisalo from the President’s Office of Estonia, Mr Peep Siitam from the Energy Storage Pakri OÜ, Ms Kristel Jakobson from the 3SI Secretariat, and Mr Ville Sirviö as the CEO of Nordic Institute for Interoperability Solutions. More presenters to be confirmed.