About Estonia

Estonia is known mostly for our digital ambition. But there’s a lot more to discover.

Estonian Song Festival. Photo by: Kaarel Mikkin

Estonia is known mostly for our digital ambition. We understand technology: Skype revolutionized communication, TransferWise changed international money transfers, GrabCAD helps to build products faster and Starship robots reframe local delivery. It takes few hours to start a company in Estonia. According to the World Economic Forum, Estonia is the most entrepreneurial country in the world.

But there’s a lot more to discover. We are also rooted in traditions. By culture consumption, Estonia is one of the leading countries in Europe. Our 1.3 million inhabitants make about 3.4 million museum visits, 3.5 million cinema visits, 2 million concert visits, and 1.2 million theatre visits annually.

Facts about Estonia

  • Located in Northern Europe, total area of 45 227 km2
  • About 1.1 million people speak Estonian, one of the world’s smallest official national languages.
  • According to OECD’s PISA results, Estonian basic education is the best in Europe and in the top 3 globally.
  • Estonia offer more than 2500 digital services.
  • The only country in the world to offer e-residency (42 000+ residents from 154 countries.
  • The first country to adopt online voting.
  • World Cleanup Day, with 150 countries participating this year, was conceived in Estonia.
  • Estonia has the lowest debt-to-GDP ratio in Europe.
  • Export of Estonian products and services is over 77% of our GDP.
  • According to Statistics Estonia, the GDP of Estonia grew 4.3% (exceeding 4% for the third year in a row) in 2019.
Learn more by visiting www.estonia.ee and www.visitestonia.com