Hybrid (Terrestrial and Satellite) Networks: Pilot Project for Lithuania, 3Seas and Beyond

April 12th, 2024, 10:00 AM. Organized by Ministry of Transport and Communications (Lithuania) and Communications Regulatory Authority (Lithuania)

Countries around the world seek to ensure that every household have proper access to resilient and at least basic mobile connectivity, whether it be during peaceful times or in the events of serious emergencies and crisis. Hybrid communication, combining terrestrial mobile and satellite network, is already recognized in the international communication community. Lithuania, too, is discussing this as a viable solution to improve accessibility and resilience of mobile connectivity in our country, especially taking into consideration current geopolitical context, and is initiating a pilot project for the convergence of satellite and terrestrial mobile communication. Tested and implemented in Lithuania, this technological innovation could be further extended to 3Seas countries and beyond. A high-level roundtable discussion, organized jointly by the Ministry of Transport and Communications (Lithuania) and the Communications Regulatory Authority (Lithuania), will, for the first time, gather all the stakeholders of the pilot project: high-level Lithuanian policymakers, regulators, satellite companies and mobile operators, to discuss and explore hybrid network opportunities and challenges, as well as necessary solutions and conditions from political, regulatory and business perspectives. It is no less important that this meeting will be an excellent opportunity to engage into closer relations between all the parties to this project. Participation by invitation only.
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