The Three Seas Initiative Business Forum, hosted in Romania for the second time, under the High Patronage of the President of Romania was an essential opportunity for representatives from member states and partner countries, together with invited investors, to look beyond the negative effects of conflicts, pandemics, crises generated by rising prices and supply chain disruptions, to find innovative ways to respond to new economic and geopolitical realities and growing investment needs.

Prime Minister of Romania Marcel Ciolacu opened the official high-level plenary session, beside Presidents of Romania, Poland, Lithuania (the 2024 future host), and Croatia and the Special U.S. Presidential Envoy for Climate.

The immediate investments in the collective infrastructure will strengthen the region and contribute to reducing gaps in the context of the multiple challenges we are going through, highlighted Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu. By interconnecting our region in terms of infrastructure, economy, common defense and digital sector, the regional potential will be maximized.

Also, an important topic was about stopping the oppression and violence against Ukraine and to contribute to the reconstruction of our neighbor and the enlargement of the European Union to include Republic of Moldova, Ukraine and the Western Balkans respectively.

„The political and economic foundation of the Initiative is to have an effective cooperation between the government and the private sector. Only in this way will we be able to capitalize on the enormous economic growth potential of the Three Seas Region.
There is certainly a need for investment in the priority areas of the Initiative: regional connectivity to ensure the rapid transport of goods and services; renewable energy, in line with environmental protection standards; the use of smart technologies; and increasing cyber security”, said Prime Minister of Romania Marcel Ciolacu.