Today, on the 27th of October, Estonia as the the host for the Three Seas Virtual Summit is organising a virtual follow-up seminar to dive deeper into the world of the Three Seas’ projects with special emphasis on the digital approach and digital projects.

The Three Seas Interconnection Priority Projects list has been increased by 28 projects this year and according to the Status Report 2020, the value of all projects has reached 85.49 billion Euros. But still, only 17 per cent of the projects are of digital sector and according to Estonian CIO Siim Sikkut, Estonia wants to change it.

„In order to declare us a smart region, we need to boost the development of smart projects. Every infrastructure project nowadays has a digital infrastructure component that needs to be recognised. Digitisation is one of the main tools that will help make our transport and energy infrastructure more efficient and thus move also closer to our climate goals,” said Sikkut.

The Three Seas Initiative has the potential to become an innovation uptake spearhead for smart corridors. The Three Seas Initiative has identified ten national and multilateral Priority Interconnection Projects in the 3S region with strong digitalisation ambition. „However, there are endless opportunities in terms of server park development, cybersecurity applications, interoperable digital services for logistics or even 5G or IoT infrastructure solutions. The Three Seas Initiative can establish an accelerator type of framework for digitalisation projects and renew the list of digital projects by collecting new project ideas that would be scalable and services-oriented,“ said Sikkut.

Come join us virtually on the 27th of October at 15:00 (EET) and hear more about the projects of the Three Seas’ region! We’ll present practical examples in order to give you inspiration on how to integrate digital into business models, how to build the most sustainable data exchange solutions and get the most out of smart approach.

The host of the seminar is Ms Sandra Särav from Bolt joined by Mr Tiit Riisalo from the President’s Office of Estonia, Mr Üllar Jaaksoo the CEO and Founder of Digital Nation, Mr Peep Siitam the CEO of Energy Storage Pakri OÜ, Ms Kristel Jakobson from the 3SI Secretariat, Mr Siim Sikkut and Mr Jaan Saar from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications of Estonia, and Mr Ville Sirviö as the CEO of Nordic Institute for Interoperability Solutions.

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