The Romanian Government attaches great value to the regional economic and political cooperation, as the multiple-crises, aggravated by the Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine, compel the reshaping and adjustment of economic fluxes, proximity connections, energy supplies and geostrategies.

Against this background, The Three Seas Initiative Summit and 3SI Business Forum serve as a momentous platform to facilitate the synergy among governments and the private sector, to jointly exploit the massive economic growth potential of the Three Seas region.
The participating countries represent a market of one quarter of the EU population, with an investment potential in infrastructure, energy, and digitalization of over EUR 1000 billion. A wide government-to-business and investment opportunities will be available in this second edition hosted by Romania of the Business Forum of the Initiative. This is a window of opportunity to build a more attractive and secure region for investments, and complementing the EU cohesion instruments.

In light of this, I commend the timely engagement and expertise of the Initiative’s strategic partners – the United States of America, the European Commission, Germany – which play a vital role for our region, in the collective endeavor to catalyze synergies within the European Union and to strengthen the Transatlantic partnership.
I am confident that the meeting in Bucharest will be an effective platform of contacts for future economic projects of utmost importance and I welcome all participants to Romania!