President Gitanas Nausėda, who will be chairing the plenary session of the Three Seas Initiative Summit in Vilnius, took part in the high-level political discussion of the international Business Forum, which is taking place on the sidelines of the Summit.  

“Lithuania, holding the presidency of the Three Seas Initiative for the first time in its history, places maximum emphasis on economic change. Lithuania’s market is one of the most diversified and open economies in the world. This is why this major international Business Forum in Vilnius gives an excellent opportunity for the Lithuanian business community to forge new business partnerships with foreign companies and, I believe, will stimulate the economic growth of Lithuania and the region as a whole,” President Gitanas Nausėda spoke.

The Business Forum in Vilnius brings together over a thousand participants from more than 30 countries: the thirteen states of the Three Seas Initiative, the strategic partners—the USA and Germany—as well as other advanced countries. Participants will discuss trends in renewable energy and net-zero industries, smart transport, cyber security, and innovative digital technologies. The progress of the Three Seas Initiative is demonstrated in the growing number of infrastructure projects. So far, they number 143, spanning the fields of energy, connectivity and digital.

“In our region, cross-border infrastructure projects offer a double benefit—an undeniable economic one and a contribution to building national resilience. Effective deterrence requires an adequate transport infrastructure that allows rapid redeployment of allied forces. The energy sector has to be based entirely on domestic energy production. Digital infrastructure will increase the level of cyber security. The Three Seas Initiative focuses on these objectives, as well as on financial incentives and instruments to attract private capital for infrastructure investment,” the President pointed out at the Business Forum’s high-level political discussion.

The Business Forum places a strong emphasis on Ukraine’s economic recovery and infrastructure reconstruction.

The Business Forum is organized by Innovation Agency Lithuania, using modern technical solutions. In addition, more than twenty economic events are organized to fulfil the economic potential of the Business Forum.