“Cooperation in the field of innovation and scientific research is of key importance for achieving the Three Seas Initiative (3SI) connectivity goals in the field of energy, transport and digitalization,” said President Rumen Radev at a meeting held today at the Presidency with the President of the Scientific Research and Innovation State Agency Martin Danovski.

 The idea of creating a network of innovation agencies and bodies functioning on the territory of the 3SI countries was discussed. According to the Head of State, such an environment of cooperation and exchange of experience could multiply the potential of the 3SI countries to plan, as well as secure funding for and implement high-tech projects at a larger scale.

 It was suggested at the meeting that the Agency cooperate in order to identify key national projects in the field of science, education and innovation to be carried out within the scope of the Three Seas Initiative. The Bulgarian President believes that focusing on this aspect of the Initiative would motivate young Bulgarian experts to develop their potential in their homeland, while also contributing to the 3SI vision of added value and permanent improvement of the living standard in Central and Eastern Europe.

 President Rumen Radev emphasized that the events surrounding the 3SI Summit will create opportunities to attract a serious investment interest in Bulgarian projects, as well as through cooperation with big technological companies.

 The Agency’s President, Mr. Martin Danovski, expressed a general agreement on finding effective ways of partnering within 3SI. Bulgaria has clearly stated its ambition for economic growth based on innovation and science, and the Scientific Research and Innovation State Agency will cooperate in synchronizing all key Bulgarian projects in the field, as well as identifying funding tools, declared Mr. Martin Danovski during the meeting.