The Technical Secretariat of the Three Seas was created in Estonia to ensure the smooth organization of the next summit and business forum, and the general coordination of the Three Seas Initiative. The Initiative, which coordinates the cooperation of 12 European Union member states is developing rapidly and its economic and political importance is rising, making this a good moment to create a coordinating unit.

The Three Seas is a joint undertaking of 12 EU Member States in Central and Eastern Europe. It is designed to accelerate the development of energy, transport and digital infrastructure in order to increase the region’s economic growth, reinforce its economic resilience and further the vision of an integrated, cohesive and undivided Europe.

One of the roles of the Three Seas Secretariat will be the coordination of the summit and business forum, which will take place October 19-20 in Tallinn. The event will bring to Estonia heads of state, business leaders and high officials both from Europe and the United States – altogether over 500 people. The Secretariat will also be responsible for the everyday activities, communication and research of the Three Seas Initiative.

The Chief Coordinator of the Three Seas Secretariat, Kati Laus, said that the initiative will be the first attempt for broad-based cooperation in this region, which holds great potential. “The political initiative created five years ago is at a point, where it is time to review objectives and set goals. The secretariat will help clarification, information exchange and cooperation,” Laus said. According to her the secretariat will work from Tallinn until the end of the year. Then member states of the initiative will make a new decision on what should be its tasks, further work processes and location.