The first virtual meeting of experts from the Three Seas Initiative countries with Bulgaria as coordinator of the regional initiative was held. Participants discussed the preparation for the next Summit in Sofia. The Three Seas Initiative (3SI) encompasses 12 EU countries, located between the Adriatic, the Baltic and the Black Seas.

Representatives of the President’s Administration and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs were present on behalf of Bulgaria. Representatives of the Initiative’s strategic partners – the United States, who also contribute to the Investment Fund – also partook in the discussion. The European Commission and Germany are also strategic partners of the 3SI.

The vision and priorities of Bulgaria as a host in 2021 were discussed, as well as the organisation of events within the Bulgarian coordination of the 3SI. Bulgaria will continue to work for the consolidation of the 3SI as a platform for regional cooperation and accelerated economic development by implementing joint projects in the field of the energy, transport and digital connectivity.

The establishment of business contacts is a main priority as they will render the region more attractive for foreign investments and private capital, as a way of complementing the EU cohesion instruments. The necessity of engaging the business as well as international financial institutions for the implementation of the joint projects was also highlighted during the meeting.